About Suvi



Aloha fellow travellers,

I am a lover of life and people in it, a curious creature by nature, someone who gets inspired by listening to peoples stories and understanding why we are the way we are.  Who gets excited when travelling to new countries I’ve never been before, living within different cultures, seeing life from a different perspective. Making sense of life by experiencing it wholeheartedly, feeling it while I am in it. The highs and the lows. All of it. Aspiring to make fellow travellers see their life in a lighter way, leave people better than they were before meeting me.  

Since I was a little girl in my native Finland,  I always wanted to help people around me, making them smile was my favourite past time. Still is! I wanted to work in a way that made me feel I had made a positive difference in someones life, even if it was just that one person. Took me a long while to know what was the best way fo me to do just that. In my way.

Only thing I knew without a doubt was that my life mission would be to help people in some shape or form and I dreamt of travelling the world and meeting people from different cultures, from different backgrounds. I was always intrigued by the mind – body – spirit connection, starting by trying to understand how to find balance within my own emotional being and the world around me. After suffering from severe eating disorders for over 15 years in my early adulthood, I desperately wanted to find a way to get my life back. I have never felt as alone and isolated as I did during those years. No one knew how I was feeling because I chose to hide my darkness and I thought it was my burden to carry it all alone, smile to the world through the tears I cried inside and not burden anyone with my problems and complicated thoughts. I wish I had found someone who understood me, made me feel like I was not alone. But I did not.  Nor was I brave enough to be vulnerable and raw, show my dark corners to people around me. I was too ashamed.

Until one day when by strike of luck (not that I believe there are any coincidences…) I got introduced to holistic therapies, e.g. Reiki, Reflexology and Rosen Therapy. With the beautiful effects from a softer forms oh healing, I started my own healing path. Slowly but surely I was beginning to find my way back to me. The courage to start sharing my story.

Now, after years of healthy living, after getting better (not that those demons will ever fully leave ones mind, we just learn how to live with them), I wanted to share my story with you. I wanted to share my struggles and happy moments with the world, in case there was someone out there who needed to hear what I was going through and maybe for a brief moment feel less alone and get the energy to move on, feel inspired to look beyond their struggles and understand that nothing lasts forever, not the good or the bad. Help to remind them, YOU,  that we need to keep pushing through the difficult days and learn to enjoy life when things are good. Not take a single day for granted. See the blessing in the good and the bad, because they are all here to teach us something, for a greater purpose. They are all part of life, raw, complicated, emotional, beautiful life. In time it will all make sense. 

I have slowly come to a place within myself where I actually feel blessed having gone through all that, because all of it has made me more compassionate, and understanding in my work as a healer, bodyworker and spiritual counsellor. So it was all worth it. I was meant to go through the depths to be where and who I am today. 

Officially I started my “helping career” by getting my BA in Social Science in 2008 and working as a counsellor for troubled teens and their families for 4 years in my native Finland. I thought I had found my way of making a difference. But as often happens in life, reality turned out to be quite different than the way I planned it would be. Living too close to the dark side of life became too much for a soft hearted creature like me. To a person who idealistically wanted to save every child realising I couldn’t felt too hard of a burden to deal with. I became emotionally too raw to all the sadness and heartbreak around me, so I decided I had to change the course of my life. I wanted to find a way to fill my souls purpose of helping people without destroying myself along the way. 

So after my 30th birthday t I left everything behind, sold all I owned, resigned from my job and journeyed of to Maui, HI to study Holistic and Clinical Bodywork in search of finding a new place and way of being for myself. Feel like I was doing more than barely existing.  I thought this would be a more gentle way of loving, empowering and healing those who found their way to me. And as a lover of the world, cultures and travelling, I figured that healing with my hands and words would be the best way to do that. Create positive change in peoples lives in my own way. Suvi’s way. That was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. And my life has never been the same, I was slowly finding my purpose to be here.

I am and always have been passionate about helping my clients find balance between their body, mind and spirit. I believe that all those pieces of a person are as important as the next in creating a healthy, happy, fulfilling life. I see myself as a healer that will forever be curious to learn new tools to use in my work and find new ways to make a difference in my clients’ lives. No matter how small. Even if it is a seed in their mind or heart that one day will blossom into something beautiful. For me, each new client is like a beautiful adventure, a privilege given to me by the Universe. A teacher. We go on a healing journey together with vulnerability, always heart first. I am determined to help my clients live the best life possible, by encouraging their healing process with a holistic approach as well as empowering these precious souls to ultimately take ownership of their own well-being and happiness.

Through Hawaii and Malta I finally found my way Downunder. My current home away from home. Loving the summer sunshine, soothing effects of the ocean and doing what I love! Today I am finally connecting the dots of different parts of my journey, working as a Spiritual counsellor, Holistic Bodyworker, Energetic Healer, Teacher, Empowerer and a Writer. After years of work to “Heal the Healer” , life finally seems beautiful.

So why am I here, I am here to share my stories, ponderings and moments in time… hoping to create smiles, togetherness and feelings of not being alone to who ever reads them. To be the person I needed when I was younger.


Thank you for coming and sharing a piece of your journey with me xx